A Light Shines

By Randy Myers, Pastor, Blue Mound United Methodist Church

It was last Tuesday night and I was settled in the pastor’s study about an hour before the Tiger Cub Scouts were due to arrive.  Mitchell and Kwintyn were running through the building burning off their supper.  Suddenly, they came busting in the study.  “Grandpa,” said Kwintyn, “we just saw the Jesus Star!”

“You did?”

“Yeah, dad,” Mitchell added.

“Come and see it,” said Kwintyn.

So, I got up and followed.  Sure, Christmas is past, but how often do you get to see the Jesus Star?

We came to the doorway of the kitchen, the boys pointed to the window, and there it was.

“See?  It’s the Jesus Star.  It’s shaped like a cross!”

And it was.  And it looked as good as any special effect you might see in a movie.  Of course, it was really low in the sky.  In fact, it was from a street light out on 48.  But the way it was shining, the four rays it gave off as it came through the window, it definitely looked like the Jesus Star, cross and all.  And for Kwintyn and Mitchell that’s exactly what it was.

You see, these two six-year-olds have learned to look at reality in a way different than so many of us.  They have learned to look with the eyes of faith which makes all the difference as to how you see, walk, and live in the world.  In a way, this totally sums up the meaning of Epiphany, the season of the Church we are now passing through.  Light creates faith and faith increases sight.

“In your light, we see light,” wrote the psalmist (Psalm 36:9).

As I ponder my boys’ vision, I wonder what it would be like to re-train my own eyes to see with faith?  Perhaps I would see the world a bit differently.  Maybe the darkness of the world might be pierced through with the arrival of the good.  Maybe I could see God at work in unexpected places, the small, insignificant quarters of life.  Maybe I could behold grace in the ordinary, common, every day and give thanks.  I could walk by faith in the light of the Jesus Star, the beams of the cross in which is the way of life.

Epiphany, the appearance of God, happens again and again.  By faith we might have our sight renewed and our hearts made pure again.  And then, we might see God.

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